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World Parrot Trust - Staff

April 2018 Flock Talk

Parrot Blogger: World Parrot Trust - Staff | Apr 21, 2018

Have you read the April Flock Talk yet?

This month’s issue features an update on the controversy surrounding Dominica’s two endemic parrots, an exciting announcement from WPT partner ASM Cambaquara in Brazil regarding the latest release of 10 Southern Mealy Amazons, a happy 45th birthday wish to...

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World Parrot Trust - Staff

March 2018 Flock Talk

Parrot Blogger: World Parrot Trust - Staff | Mar 24, 2018

Have you read the March issue of Flock Talk yet?

This month we update you on the happenings at CREA, the WPT-backed facility established in Bolivia to ease the rehabilitation efforts of wild parrots caught in illegal trade. You’ll also find an update from project partner Echo in Bonaire about the...

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Ria Winters

The Broad-billed parrot of Mauritius

Parrot Blogger: Ria Winters | Aug 21, 2015

Bird lovers know the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius mostly because of its famous inhabitant, the Dodo (Raphus cucullatus). This giant flightless pigeon died out in the late seventeen hundreds, in less than a century after man set foot on the island. The Dodo was subject of paintings, animated...

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Mira Tweti

Pet Parrot Peeve

Parrot Blogger: Mira Tweti | Aug 01, 2015

I'm sure this will go over like a lead balloon in some quarters. But, after 20 years of rescuing & rehabbing more than 150 birds I've developed a strong "us vs them" feeling for veterinarians that make $ treating birds rescued from abusive situations when the funds are coming from people without...

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